Traumatic Brain
Injury, Dizziness, &

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a condition which many people in the U.S. suffer from. TBI causes a variety of different issues and symptoms, but the two that are seen most frequently are headaches and dizziness. In many cases, those with TBI have tried several different therapies and medications, searching for the link between TBI and the headaches. But often, there is little to no change in the frequency and severity of their symptoms.

It is now evident that BVD is the cause of many occurrences of headaches and dizziness in these patients.


I was riding my motorcycle and was hit from behind. The years that followed were filled with excruciating pain. I couldn’t cut the grass, cook, or do much of anything. Then, one of my therapists referred me to a BVD specialist. When I put on the trial lenses, the pain instantly left. This is the real deal.– Roy

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I can’t believe how much glasses have helped my quality of life.


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