Binocular Vision Dysfunction in Chevy Chase, MD

Our eyes work together to achieve binocular vision. Binocular vision is seeing one image despite each eye seeing things in front of us from a different perspective. At Chevy Chase Eyecare, we see patients with binocular vision dysfunction in Chevy Chase, MD, frequently.

In binocular vision dysfunction, patients struggle to form one clear image. Binocular vision dysfunction or BVD has several causes. Treatment is often aimed at treating the underlying cause. We understand how difficult it can be to live with BVD. Patients can complain of double vision, dizziness, trouble reading, and headaches.

What Is Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

Our eyes have to work in alignment to achieve binocular vision. By working in alignment, the eyes will transmit similar signals to the brain that can then be combined into one. When the eyes aren’t aligned, the brain will receive different images. Impulses will be sent to the muscles that control eye movement to help realign the eyes.

Eventually, the patient’s eye muscles will become strained and fatigued. A continuous cycle of realignment followed by fatigue will occur. So, why aren’t the eyes properly aligned in the first place? If a person has a stroke or a neurological condition, the eye movement and alignment can be affected.

Patients with facial asymmetry or abnormalities affecting the muscles and nerves of the eye can also develop BVD. These abnormalities are often congenital, and patients can make up for them by straining their eye muscles. At a certain age, however, eye muscles get weaker.

BVD can lead to eye pain, headaches, difficulty reading, head tilt, dizziness, disorientation, trouble driving, sleep disturbances, and more.

Treating Binocular Vision Dysfunction in Chevy Chase, MD

There’s no doubt that BVD can negatively impact the overall quality of life. Our goal will be to diagnose BVD, identify the cause, and treat it. There’s no single way of treating BVD. Treatment will have to be tailored based on each patient’s presentation and needs.

We’ll do everything we can to restore your binocular vision. Our optometrist near you in Chevy Chase, MD, have all the experience and training required to provide you the help you need.

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