When Do You Need Emergency Eye Care?

When Do You Need Emergency Eye Care?

Nov 01, 2020

You may have seen accidents occurring in people rushing to emergency rooms for treatment. However, are you even aware of what an eye emergency is? If you are not, it is time you gained some information about eye emergencies by reading this article.

Eye emergencies occur when foreign objects or chemicals enter your eyes, or one impacts or burns affect them. In such cases, even when the issue doesn’t seem significant, you need to seek attention from an eye emergency clinic. Without appropriate attention to eye damage resulting in swelling, redness, or pain, you may even be susceptible to partial vision loss or permanent blindness. Let us now understand the symptoms of eye injuries to ensure you make informed decisions whenever you are confronted with an eye emergency.

The Symptoms of Eye Emergencies

The symptoms of eye emergencies will depend upon the type of incident or condition you may have confronted with, each having distinct symptoms. You can contact urgent eyecare if you think a foreign object is in your eye or you experience any of the following symptoms.

You may suffer from loss of vision or one eye sticking out or bulging. You may have decreased or double vision accompanied by redness and irritation. Bruising around the eye could be causing bleeding. You may suffer from frequent headaches and notice one eye is not moving like the other. Besides the above, you may experience many other symptoms that must be diagnosed by the emergency eye clinic in Chevy Chase, MD, where you must proceed to if your eyes are injured or any of the symptoms described.

Things to Avoid When Having an Eye Injury

Eye injuries can result in severe complications, tempting you to treat them yourself. This is a habit you must overlook and never attempt to treat the condition you are unsure of. You must not rub or apply pressure to your eyes or try to remove foreign objects that may be stuck in any part of the eye. Don’t use tweezers or any other tools inside your eye because you could permanently damage it. Do not attempt to put medications or ointments without advice from an eye specialist.

If you are wearing contact lenses, let them remain in your eye in which you think you have suffered an injury. Trying to remove the lenses can worsen your injury. The best you can do when you confront an eye injury is to contact Chevy Chase Eyecare as soon as possible.

How to Manage Chemical Injuries to the Eyes?

Cleaning products, garden chemicals, or industrial chemicals can get into your eyes, resulting in burns and different complications. If acids have entered your eyes, you must get prompt treatment for good results. However, everyday items like drain cleaners, sodium hydroxide, or lime can permanently damage the cornea. If you have chemicals in your eyes, you can wash your hands with soap and water to remove chemicals remaining on your hands and turn your head to make sure the injured eye is facing downwards. Try to flush the eye by holding the eyelid open with cold tap water or get into the shower to clean your eyes. If you are wearing contact lenses and are in your eyes after the flushing, you can remove them.

It would help if you got to an emergency eye clinic at the earliest while waiting for the ambulance to pick you by continuing to flush your eye.

How to Prevent Eye Injuries?

Eye injuries can occur anywhere and anytime. The damage may affect you at home, at work, or even when engaged in recreational activities. You can adopt measures to reduce your risks of eye injuries by wearing protective gear when using power tools or engaging in high-risk sporting activities. You are at an increased risk of eye injuries any time flying objects are moving around you, even if you do not participate in the activity.

It is incredibly essential to follow directions when working with chemicals and cleaning supplies. Keeping sharp instruments away from children is advised because children can easily injure themselves in the eyes resulting in significant consequences. Perhaps you can even consider childproofing your place by removing any sharp or dangerous products imaginable.

To reduce or eliminate the risks of permanent eye damage, you must always visit an eye doctor after experiencing an eye emergency of any kind.

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