The Advantages of Using Contact Lenses

The Advantages of Using Contact Lenses

Jan 01, 2021

Contact lenses are becoming more popular today than ever before. This is because of the ease of accessibility to eyecare services and the reduction in the prices of these devices. This has increased options for eyecare, unlike when only glasses were available for eye correction.

Glasses Versus Contact Lenses

Glasses are good, yes, and are among the most popular options people go for. They come with many advantages, such as minimal maintenance and ease of use. You also don’t get to touch your eyes when putting your glasses on, unlike contact lenses. This means a reduced risk of eye infection.

Eyeglasses also have a function contact lenses lack. They regulate the amount of light your eye perceives at a given time. With photochromic glasses, you don’t have to strain your eyes in sunlight or overly bright rooms because they darken in sunlight and get clear when indoors or at night.

Although some contact lenses have UV blocking capabilities, glasses prevent 100% UV light from reaching the inside of your eye, the exterior, and eyelids. Glasses also act as an extension to your personality and can enhance your fashion statement.

Still, contact lenses have their fair share of merits. They come with many advantages over glasses. For instance, orthokeratology lenses are specially designed to artificially correct the cornea’s shape hence improve vision. Contact lenses also rest directly on your eye, so the peripheral vision is quite unobscured, unlike glasses.

With contact lenses, also, you can engage in your normal daily activities such as sports and other outdoor activities without the risk of your lenses falling off, getting damaged, or breaking. You can even use contact lenses to change the color of your eyes.

What are the different types of contact lenses?

Types of Contact Lenses:

We have regular and specialty contact lenses in Chevy Chase, MD. These are:

  • Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP)

They are made of moderately flexible plastics that allow free flow of oxygen into the eyes. This type of contact lens offersexcellent vision and is comfortable to wear. They also correct most eyesight problems, plus they require moderate maintenance. They are available in different tints and bifocals.

  • Extended-Wear

These are outlying contact lenses used for overnight wear and used with soft and RGP lenses. You can wear them for seven straight days without removal. Other extended-wear lenses are, however, FDA-approved to wear up to 30 days. They do not correct all eye problems and require constant office visits for follow-up maintenance.

  • Extended-wear disposable

These are soft lenses that you wear for about seven days the discard. Some options are approved for wear for up to 30 days. They don’t require much cleaning andhave spare lenses available when you buy them. They also come in various tints and bifocals.

  • Planned Replacement

Soft lenses worn daily and replaced after a scheduled duration. This is mostly after every two weeks, 30 days, or quarterly. Their cleaning and disinfection are simple, and they are good for eye health. Images may not be crisp as with RGP lenses, plus they do not treat all vision problems. Planned replacement lenses are included in most prescriptions.

Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • Enhanced Viewing

Contact lenses are designed such that they correct refractive errors. Errors include astigmatism, farsightedness, and shortsightedness. Some lenses are also designed with properties that address specific needs. For instance, larger diameter lenses make them suitable for people with corneal defects.

  • More Comfortable

Today, contact lenses come in various colors and different materials to enhance eye health and comfort. For instance, the eye doctor in chevy chase combines soft and rigid contact lenses’ types to form hybrid contact lenses. They are made with a durable, crisp, and rigid center to ease your viewing, while the outer skirt is made of soft materials for better visual comfort.

  • Wider visual Access

You get unrestricted peripheral visual access when in contact lenses. This is because they are placed directly on the eye cornea. Contact also reduce image distortions as with some glasses as well as minimal glare reflections.

  • Normalcy Feeling

Using contact lenses instigatesa feeling of normalcy everytime you wear them. Contact lenses are securely applied to your eyes, and thus you have the freedom to carry out your daily tasks and hobbies with minimal disturbance. Your vision will not be obscured by water splashes, foggy lenses, or steam. This also makes them perfect for all types of weather.

  • Great Aesthetics

Contact lenses come in a variety of colors. It presents the opportunity to see how a different eye color would look on you. However, we advise that you first consult your eye doctor in Chevy Chase before getting colored contact lenses. We will check if the colored lenses are safe for you to reduce the risk of developing complications related to wearing contact lenses.

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