Comprehensive Eye Exam in Chevy Chase, MD

Eyes are complex organs, and our goal at Chevy Chase Eyecare in Chevy Chase, MD, is to provide pediatric, adult, and geriatric eye care. Comprehensive eye exam near you are the best way to assess the overall health of your eyes. Patients often confuse comprehensive eye exams in Chevy Chase, MD, with vision screenings. A vision screening only assesses vision.

A comprehensive eye checkup, however, includes a variety of tests. The goal is to assess the overall health of your eyes. There could be underlying problems that don’t affect vision right now but might start to affect it later.

Patient History, Refraction, and Visual Acuity

At Chevy Chase Eyecare, we start by asking our patients a few questions. The goal is to collect information that might be relevant to optic health. We’ll ask about your medications because some drugs affect the eyes. Medical history is also important because systemic conditions like diabetes can have complications related to the eyes.

Next, we’ll check for errors of refraction. They’re the reason patients wear glasses/contacts or get laser eye surgery. Errors of refraction include farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Visual acuity is also tested. This is often done using the Snellen Eye Chart.

Slit Lamp, Tonometry, and Pupil Dilation

Many patients are familiar with the slit lamp or know the machine but not its name. The slit lamp is an instrument where you rest your chin and forehead, and the doctor shines a light into your eyes to examine them. The slit lamp helps us see details of different parts of our eyes to diagnose early signs of disease.

Tonometry is a test that measures intraocular pressure. An elevated intraocular pressure could mean that a patient has glaucoma. Pupil dilation is done using eye drops. Your pupils will dilate within a few minutes, and the effect should last for a couple of hours. By dilating your pupils, we get a clearer view of the structures at the back of the eye, like the retina.

All of these tests, and more, are done quickly, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable. If you are still not sure and want a Comprehensive Eye Exam in Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Kensington, Wheaton, or Bethesda, MD, call us today to book an appointment with our optometrist for an eye checkup near you.

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